CANBRACE: Prenail Systems is a licensed manufacturer of Canbrace® X Panels.

Canbrace® X Panels are an in wall bracing system that resists earthquake and wind loads on timber frame buildings designed and constructed in accordance with NZS 3604. X Panels consist of a timber frame with steel rods used as cross bracing. There are five panel widths, and the panels are fitted at pre-nail plants or on site in a space left in the wall frame. The panels replace the normal studs in the area of wall where they are located and fit between the wall frame top and bottom plates. Panels are manufactured by pre-nail plants licenced by Bracing Solutions Limited. Canbrace® X Panels are for use in internal dry, protected environments with walls that are lined – typically the interior and exterior walls of a house. The panels are fixed to timber frame floors and slab-on-ground ground floors and timber frame first floors. They are not intended for use in subfloor spaces and other exposed to the elements situations

* Outstanding Bracing Performance
* Robustly Engineered
* Structure fully braced during construction
* Freedom to select linings of choice
    - no requirement for linings to provide bracing
* Performance not affected by moisture
* Simple On-site Installation
* BRANZ Appraisal No 625(2008)